We support businesses on their journey towards farsighted digitalization


For years our team of IT experts designs, develops and realizes IT projects for global players and medium-sized businesses successfully. Based on this extensive experience and knowhow we are creating innovative new developments for our customers. Our main focus are medium-sized businesses, which we activley support on their journey towards farsighted digitalization. Our strength is the creation of tailor-made solutions build upon our software platform Tools4Business Toolbox. With our toolbox we can change your individual software setup very fast to reflect your changing requirements and make your working processes much more efficient and effective.

Farsighted Digitalization

Digitalization means the continuous change towards electronical processes via the use of information and communication technologies and nowadays is part of any modern business. But it is crucial that this change is done precisely and with a forward oriented vision to avoid an unregulated digitalization: Unnecessary complex IT system landscapes, which not only are unmanageable but also are a major drain on short order resources like money, time and knowledge.

Farsighted digitalization has to work towards the goal of providing one common base for all specialist applications. One central software system dedicated to the allocation of necessary resources, enabling all other specialist applications can concentrate on what is essential and makes them special in the first place: The targeted support of very specific business processes

This central software system consists of a variety of combinable specialist applications very similar to the principle of well-established operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS or Android. Just like in those operating systems, individual software applications are enabled to communicate data much faster and more directly, thus making it possible to carry out interdisciplinary tasks such as controlling, statistics and analyses significantly more effective.


Customer satisfaction and software, which is a real surplus for a business, are our highest goals.

Meet the Team

Alexander Velonias

Alexander Velonias

Founder / CEO


We accompany our clients along the entire value chain.
IT-consulting and realisation are our strategy.

Antonius Dalezios

Antonius Dalezios

Founder / CEO


We are not afraid to try something different, to show the spirit of innovation and go beyond the expected. That is our strength.

Florian Willmitzer

Florian Willmitzer



We deliberately promote the application of the latest technologies. Thanks to frequent TecDays and knowlegde transfer our employees are being kept up to date on a state-of-the-art level.

We are developing individual software application on top of a software platform with a forward orientated vision.


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